Demonstrations against South Korea? Russian strategic bombers fly over Korean Peninsula waters

Japan and South Korea sent fighters to follow Russian figure -95MS strategic bomber.” Russian Defense Ministry of information and mass media division 24, said the sound, can be equipped with nuclear bombs, -95MS strategic bombers, has been flying over the Pacific Northwest, the eastern part of the Korean Peninsula, the Yellow Sea and the East China sea. The statement said that the Russian Eastern military region dispatched Su -35S fighter and A-50 AWACS aircraft flying along the strategic bombers along the flight, during the flight, -95MS bombers also successfully carried out aerial refueling.
Itar Novosti news agency reported 24, the Russian Defense Ministry did not disclose how many aircraft involved in the flight mission, but also did not disclose the purpose of time and flight mission. Russian Defense Ministry statement stressed that the Russian aircraft in flight strictly comply with international law provisions, did not violate other countries airspace.
Hongkong, the “Oriental Daily” website 24, said that the Russian bombers flying coincided with the United States and South Korea held “free guards campaign” on the occasion, Russia is a demonstration to the United States and South korea”. The report also said that the Korean Peninsula has recently become tense, Russia has repeatedly against North Korea to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, but at the same time with the U.S. missile defense system deployed in South Korea and Japan thad, plans to deploy U.S. land-based aegis anti missile system in china.
Figure -95MS is a nuclear strategic bomber, which NATO calls the “bear” strategic bomber. Reuters quoted Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va 24 statement, said the United States and South Korea held a large-scale military exercise, will not help reduce the tension on the peninsula, we urge all parties to maintain maximum restraint. Considering that all parties in the region are expanding their forces, any rash of actions or incidents will lead to military conflict”.
Russian Defense Ministry statement also revealed that the Korean Air Force and the Japan Air Self Defense Force aircraft in the Russian strategic bombers flight in individual hours, but also an emergency lift, accompanied by flying. Japan’s defense ministry 23, said the Russian army dispatched at least two strategic -95MS bombers the day. After taking off from the base of the Far East, the Russian military aircraft flew into the Yellow Sea via the Straits of Malaysia, then headed south to the East Sea, and finally went north along the eastern coast of Japan to return to russia.


United States “Mccain” collision incident continued: second missing members have been found

U.S. Navy seventh fleet 25, said the Mccain missile destroyer (USS John S. McCain) collision accident 10 missing members, second members of the remains have been found.
According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao reported that the United States Navy 25, said the U.S. Navy and Marines divers have found the Mccain destroyer destroyer after the second members of the remains.
United States, according to overseas network reported earlier, the United States in Beijing at 7:24 on the morning of 21 in the eastern part of Singapore and Malacca Strait, and a merchant ship Alnic MC collision. Preliminary reports revealed that the destroyer of Mccain was damaged on the port side and left behind the ship. It is reported that merchant Alnic MC is a 600 foot long oil and chemical transport ship, with a total tonnage of 30 thousand tons. 10 members of the destroyer were missing and 5 injured.

According to the Straits Times, one of the 10 missing persons has been identified. According to a statement issued by the United States Navy, the member was named Kenneth Aaron Smith, 22 years old, from New Jersey, USA.
“More divers and all night arrived and continued to search the ship’s flooded compartments for the remaining 8 missing members,” the US seventh fleet said in a statement on its website.” 24, the United States Navy announced the termination of the Mccain missile destroyer search and rescue operations at sea, the search for the missing sailor’s energy turned to flooded cabin. Currently, the US Navy has released a list of all missing members.

Japan’s two senior officials responded in a row, “Chinese bombers first flew to Kii Hanto sea.”

Japan’s defense ministry announced that in August 24th, 6 Chinese boom -6 bombers through between Okinawa island and the island of Miyako Island to fly over southern Osaka coastal waters of Kii Hanto, the Japanese asdf fighters scrambled to respond.
Chinese aircraft “did not violate Japanese airspace””. According to Japan’s Jiji news agency reported 25, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Jian Yiwei at a press conference the same day response said, “the future will look China trends, and resolutely guard our territory, territorial waters and airspace, do foolproof warning and surveillance”.

In August 24th, the Chinese air force carried out ocean training. Xinhua News Agency (Wang Lei photo)
In addition, the Japanese anti – Onodera Inori at a press conference showed that diplomatic channels have been adopted to express their concerns to the Chinese side”. He said: “the Chinese bombers were flying over the high seas. Although there were no problems in international law, it was still necessary to analyze and confirm the intentions of the Chinese side.””.
Japan’s defense ministry has said 24, confirmed that the Chinese plane did not enter Japan’s airspace. It was the first time the Chinese plane had been detected on the route.

“India master” was convicted of rape and led the riot police to be called out urgently

Local time 25 days, the Central Bureau of investigation in India ruled a worshipper of many of the “master” of Rape after a trial, including the state of Haryana large-scale riots broke out, killing at least 29 people were killed, more than 200 injured.
According to “India times” reported on 25, the India Central Bureau of investigation in the state of Haryana Panqiekula tribunal a “religious and social welfare organization is responsible for Ram Rahim Singh’s rape, and ruled the guilty. The sentencing date is Monday, and Singer is expected to face 7 years in prison.

“印度大师”被判强奸罪引暴乱 印军紧急出动
“India master” was convicted of rape and led the riot police to be called out urgently
New Delhi television reported that the news immediately triggered mass riots in many places. Only in Haryana there are nearly 60 thousand protesters a mob scene over 10 thousand police to control the situation, at least 6 city announced a curfew. Riots also spread north, Delhi and Delhi, while some railway stations and shops were smashed and burned. The media suffered the brunt of the attack on New Delhi television and the India times, and a live broadcast of the New Delhi television station was destroyed.
5 pm local time, the military emergency intervention, 600 soldiers have been deployed to Panqiekula. President Covend of India condemned the riots by twitter and called for peace. On the evening of 25, Prime Minister Modi also tweeted that he was saddened by the violence. He strongly condemned the violence and called on the people to remain calm. At present, New Delhi has entered a high alert across the states of Haryana and Punjab 200 more trains were canceled. Most areas of Haryana network was cut off.
In 2002, a woman sent an anonymous letter to the Prime Minister of India to expose female members of Singer’s rape sect, the media said. In the same year, a reporter was killed when he investigated the organization led by the master. The India times central Investigation Bureau accused Singer of murdering him on suspicion of helping reporters deliver anonymous letters, the India times said.
Reuters commented that in India, some “saints” were able to summon thousands of people to the streets, and their “sermons” were very popular among the people who were disappointed with the government. In 2014, when the authorities tried to arrest a religious leader on suspicion of murder, his followers attacked police with sticks and stones.
Singer, a leader of a social welfare and spiritual organization in India, is believed to have 60 million followers worldwide, according to reports by Reuters and other media. Because of the self proclaimed “venerable” “master” on Friday by the hundreds of thousands of supporters flocked to the decision, Panqiekula, since 24 they protested on the streets, the appeal of innocence. The The Associated Press said the city had not been prepared for the past few weeks as a large number of his supporters poured into Pam Ceku La as Singer’s ruling day drew closer. Embassies in China, the United States and other countries have previously issued travel warnings, urging Indian citizens to pay attention to possible riots following the Singer decision.

The Iraqi army found two mass graves near Mosul

Iraqi military 25 found two collective graves near Mosul, and found in two graves of 500 extremist organizations Islamic state killed the bodies of prisoners.
Iraqi Joint Operations Command said in a statement, the military investigators in the northwest near the Baidushen prison in Mosul found two mass graves, two graves were buried 470 bodies and 30 bodies. The statement said the victims were killed by the Islamic state.

Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq, located 400 km north of baghdad. The Badush prison used to be the second largest prison in iraq. In June 2014, Mosul was occupied by the Islamic state and became the stronghold of this extremist organization in iraq. In October 2016, Iraqi government forces launched a military operation to recover Mosul. In July 10th this year, Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi announced the Mosul comprehensive liberation. In the battle of Mosul in the process, the Iraqi government forces recaptured the Baidushen prison in March this year.

The United States or the sale of lethal weapons in Ukraine, Russia warned: do not sacrifice!

U.S. Defense Secretary Matisse in Kiev on 24 Independence Day parade in Ukraine, during which he said the United States to consider the provision of “lethal weapons” to Kiev, in order to safeguard the security of the eastern border of Ukraine.
24, Ukraine independence 26th anniversary, NATO members of the armed forces for the first time together with the Ukraine military personnel to participate in the parade on independence day, U. S. Defense Secretary Matisse was invited to attend the ceremony. This is the last ten years, U.S. Defense Secretary to visit Ukraine. Matisse said the United States will never recognize Crimea as part of russia. Meanwhile, Washington is considering the provision of lethal weapons to Kiev. Itar Novosti 25 reported that, Matisse said that the United States will provide Ukraine with $175 million worth of technical equipment, including special equipment. So far, the United States military aid to Ukraine totaled 750 million U. S. dollars. Ukraine’s president, Poroshenko, criticized Russia in his military parade and thanked America for its aid.
Ukraine parade
The attitude Matisse, first deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Committee on defense and Security Committee Colin Cevic said, “I don’t want our partners in Ukraine in may become a victim of the conflict provoked by the americans. It’s going to be a disaster.”
Ukraine military experts Zhdanov 25 of the “Global Times” reporter said, the US led NATO regards Ukraine as its confrontation with Russia’s frontier, so to improve the Ukrainian defense ability, to enhance the strength of military confrontation with russia. The United States at the beginning of the month in Ukraine announced the construction of naval command center will further close military ties with the United States and Ukraine, expand the US military presence in the region, but also will lead the US and Russia in the area of battle upgrade. J Witkin, vice president of the Russian National Duma Defense Committee, also believes that the US move will exacerbate tensions in the region.

U.S. Black Hawk military helicopter crashed in Yemen, causing 1 missing

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. central command said in a statement, the U.S. local time on Friday, a Black Hawk helicopter crashed in the coast of Yemen military training, an American service personnel missing, and another five people were rescued. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation.
U.S. Black Hawk military helicopter crashed in Yemen, causing 1 missing
Earlier, the U. S. Coast Guard 16 confirmed that the U.S. Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter 15 night in Hawaii waters crash night training, search and rescue personnel have found wreckage.

美国“黑鹰”军用直升机于也门坠毁 致1人失踪

1 India soldiers were wounded in another firefight between India and Pakistan

According to the India Oneindia website reported that Pakistan today (25 days) in Jammu (RS Pura) para Kashmir region again fighting, a India’s Frontier Corps soldiers were wounded.
Since August, India and Pakistan recently in Kashmir spark a conflict accidentally. According to India media reports, India and Pakistan 22 were located in the northern part of Kashmir Kupwara Hand Vala (Handwara) near the fire, shooting lasted for a long time.

Photograph: Oneindia website
Photograph: Oneindia website
In August 17th, India security forces and militants gunfight broke out in the vicinity of Cyrus province in northern Kashmir, control line; in August 13th, the Pakistan military control line in Kashmir to the Indian army fired 4 times, killing 3 soldiers were injured in the crossfire location in India, ponci (Poonch), Raja Uri (Rajouri) and baramula (Baramulla).
In August 11th, 1 India police officers were injured in a shootout with the militants, 2 militants were killed in the Indian army; in August 9th, there were 2 gun also in Kashmir, killing 2 militants and 1 soldiers were killed in India.
India has also recently made a complaint about kashmir. India’s interior minister Rajnath Singh (Rajnath Singh) 18, has said that before 2022 to resolve the dispute in kashmir. India Prime Minister Modi 15, referring to Kashmir issue, also said that can not rely on bullets and curses, but to rely on “hug” to solve Kashmir problem

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